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At Prestbury C of E Primary School, all of the staff believe that every child can and will learn to read. Success at our school is based on a rigorous and sequential approach to developing speaking and listening and teaching reading, writing and spelling through systematic and synthetic phonics. High quality teaching is achieved through a carefully planned and tightly structured approach to teaching phonic knowledge and skills. This is based on a four part lesson as stated in the Letters and Sounds document.

From Nursery, the children are introduced to letters and sounds and their blends through discrete teaching of phase 1; listening and hearing rhythm and rhyme, singing nursery rhymes form the basis of learning. The majority of children in the Nursery will move onto phase 2 which links letters to the sounds they make using jolly phonics actions and songs. The ability to hear initial sounds is developed and continues into reception. Here the children are grouped according to the phase, or stage within the phase, they are at. The approach is multi-sensory and follows the guidance set out in the Letters and Sounds document. This continues into Key stage 1 where the children have differentiated teaching according to the phase appropriate to the child. It is expected that the majority of children will be working within phase 6 by the end of Year 2.This structured approach to the teaching of phonics/ spelling continues throughout Key Stage 2. The children are given the opportunity to apply what they have learnt during 1:1 and group reading time with an adult; an emphasis is put on which strategies the children are using and what other strategies will support the decoding process on an individual basis. Wherever possible in the foundation stage, resources are available within the structured play areas to support the children in using phonics in order to read and write in their play. During the reception year, there is a role play area known as the sounds forest, which gives much opportunity for play and for teacher observation of the children, to assess if they can apply their learning.

A fundamental aspect to our success, is the regular assessment of the children’s learning which directly informs our planning, the children are moved between groups if necessary. If any child fails to make the expected progress for their own learning, they are identified formally at the pupil review meetings and become a teacher focus.

Once the children know 16 sounds in the Foundation Stage the children will be given a reading book. The core reading scheme at school is the Oxford Reading Tree which is supplemented with a mixture of reading resources. 

Phonics: Phonics test 2013 & 2014 School: 93% passed, significantly above national of 69% and a 17% increase on 2012.

2015 School: 89% passed, significantly above national of 74%. 

The outcomes at the end of Reception, Y2 and Y6 evidence the positive impact such a focus provides for.

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