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Congratulations on your Reaccreditation of the International School Award 2016-2019


Dear International Coordinator,


Thank you for submitting your Impact Evaluation of international learning activities. We are delighted to inform you that Prestbury CofE Primary School has been successful in gaining Reaccreditation of the International School Award and is accredited for three years from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2019.


Here are the assessor’s comments on your Impact Evaluation, to highlight where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:


This strong application from Prestbury CofE Primary School for International School Award Reaccreditation meets the criteria for the award. Well done! The school is engaged in a wide range of appropriate and good-quality activities. There is a very strong and embedded community ethos here shown in a variety of ambassadorial and other ways. The assessor was particularly struck by the spectacularly imaginative ‘Skype warship’ project, sharing prayers with a school in South Africa through Skype, not to mention other projects such as Twitter, Water or Recipe books.


There are solid proposals for the future. The Impact Evaluations towards the end reflected the general buzz and made some perceptive comments, nicely enriched with a handful of the quotes from participating staff and pupils.


By way of constructive comment and looking ahead to Reaccreditation in 2019, Prestbury should think of diversifying a pool of international partners so that you are not dependant on a single partner school. Prestbury should have the capacity to develop a European link, perhaps with one of the newer predominantly Catholic members of the EU through eTwinning or British Council Connecting Classrooms initiatives. This would provide a more local perspective, enable easier ICT interaction and over time facilitate pupil and staff visits.

Congratulations to all involved.


Please view the Powerpopint: November 2014 Mr Capener and Mr Jones, for a helpful background to our link with Maxonia as well as details of our recent visit and future projects.


Maxonia Primer is our partner school in South Africa


Prestbury School’s link with Maxonia Primer started back in 2004, the aim being to bridge the social and cultural divide between the two schools, visits funded by the British Council were made by teachers form both school. During these visits teachers learnt new teaching techniques, taught new techniques, or simply enriched the children lives with new songs, stories and experiences. Both schools now share the same school song. The benefits to all children of the link are enormous.


During the visit of Fraser Baard the head from Maxonia to our school, we learnt just how financially impoverished the parents were of the children who attended the school and many could not even afford the £20 per year they are meant to pay for their child to attend he school. Fraser never refuses entry; he simply stretches the budget a little bit further! The school’s annual budget is just £5000 per year!!!

A group of parents were moved to action, couldn’t we raise the £20 per child for all 145 children, we asked all the parents if they would support 1 child per year- the response was amazing and since the initial start we have fundraised for them via the sponsored walk, collections at the school plays, in church and more recently teachers, pupils and parents have undertaken their own fundraising activities.


Examples of the support we have given so far include:

- Clean drinking water

- 4 hots meals a week (previously the childrn only had cold meals)

- a hard surface for the children to play on

- Shoes (previously children walked to school in bare feet)

- cooling watering cans for classrooms

- Text and writing books, stationary, maths sets and calculators

- Money has also been used towards funding an additional teacher


We are now trying to give Maxonia Primer the £20 per child per year and also support bigger capital project such building a new classroom t enable children to begin school at age 6 and fencing off the playground. Our Maxonia Fund is now a registered charity (Charity registration number 1123145) and all funds go directly to Maxonia Primer, our only charges being bank transfers.

If you would like to support Maxonia Primer there are a number of ways to do this:

Standing order- Forms available on the Maxonia section of our schools learning platform or from Ms Norton; any amount can be given regularly, monthly or annually etc. The charity does not keep any record of your bank details; we simply post it to your bank. You can of course set up the Standing order yourself with your bank. We will happily let you have our bank details.

Cheque- These should be made out to “Maxonia”. Please give your donation to Ms. Norton

Cash- This should be placed in an envelope marked “Maxonia “and given to Ms. Norton

Join our commitee! - we welcome all volunteers.

We have lots more information on the Maxonia section of the learning platform including the progress we are making with fundraising and turning the Maxonia wish list of projects into a reality. There are also pictures from teacher visits, fundrasing activities and other news.

The Maxonia Committee.

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