Lower KS2: Y3 (ST) Y3/4 (MC) Y4 (JJ) 2020 - 2021

Miss Townes

Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 J

Our first topic in Lower Key Stage 2 is called Inventions and Discoveries. We are going to be concentrating on the Victorian era and looking at significant changes that took place that we now today, take for granted.

We will begin our topic by studying Queen Victoria.  We will look at how our current Queen is related to Victoria, we will create a team collage of Queen Victoria and look at the life she had. We will then look at the significant inventions that took place during her reign.

The first significant invention that we will study, began just before the Victorian era but bloomed throughout – chocolate and the Cadbury’s factory. We will be using the theme of chocolate to examine many different curriculum strands. We will examine the life of John Cadbury as part of the DT strand – understand key events and individuals in design and technology that have helped shaped the world. We will then investigate and analyse a range of existing chocolate products in order to create our very own healthier chocolate bar. Next, we will study the art work of Andy Warhol and use his bold, bright technique to create an advertising poster for our new product.

We will then use the theme of chocolate to look at the science strands of the National Curriculum. We will investigate how different materials can be separated, how we can groups materials based on their properties, and learn the difference between melting and dissolving.

The children will complete a chocolate investigation where they are exploring what happens to different materials when they change state and whether this process is reversible or irreversible.  

We will finish the chocolate theme of this topic by examining the effect of bicarbonate of soda and we will do this by making our own honeycomb.

The next mini theme under the topic of inventions and discoveries will be that of sound and the invention of the telephone. I will add to this page more details of this at half term.

The LKS2 staff are very excited about teaching this topic and we think the children will love it. Here’s to a successful year.

RE, Music, PE, French and Computing will be taught discretely.

In RE this term we are looking at Christianity and how we see God as 3 people – God the father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit – the Trinity. The children will create a piece of art that represents this. We will then be looking at each part of the Trinity in more detail.  We will examine how God the Father cares for us and He is the creator and the forgiver. We then look Jesus as our Saviour and someone to follow and finally the Holy Spirit as our guide and support.  




Please see our curriculum map to see what we are studying in each area of the curriculum.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Key Stage Leader - Miss Samantha Townes stownes@prestbury.cheshire.sch.uk



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