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Let Your Light Shine that people may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven' (Matthew 5.v16)

It is my pleasure to give you a warm welcome to Prestbury Church of England Primary School. I have been headteacher at Prestbury CE Primary School for over 13 years and it continues to be a joy and priviege to serve and be part of such a special school community. As a parent to four children I know how important choosing the right school for your child is - each child is unique, with different gifts, talents and personality.

 As a church school we are foccused on the whole child and acknowledge that whilst academic achievement and attainment is very important, it is not the only measure of how we perform as a school. Our mission statement, based on Matthew 5v16, 'Let your light shine that peple may see your god deeds and praise your Father in heaven.' ensures that we celebrate all 'good deeds' including academic and non-academic work and encourage the children and adults in our community to look to God to serve others. We are also passionate about being an inclusive school and recognise that children's talents lie in a range of areas, not all reflected in the school league tables and other data sources.

The school website and the link to our twitter page will give you an insight into what makes our school so special, but there is nothing quite like seeing the school in action and I would love to give you a personal tour of the school, with the opportunity for me to say a little bit more about our core values and for you to ask questions. If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact the school office (01625 469 630).

We were inspected in February 2020 under the new inspection framework and the school was judged overall to be Good, with Personal Development judged to be Outstanding. We are particularly pleased that Personal Development was judged to be Outstanding, as how children are as individuals during their time at Prestbury CE Primary, and by the time they leave, is at the core of our mission statement. Please see the Ofsted section on our website for the full report and more information.   As always, it is our core values and doing the best for all of the children in our care that spurs us on. We continue do to all that we can to provide the best education to support the development of the whole child, including academc progress and achievement, within in a strong Christian framework.

The school has a record of consistently high standards, reflecting the hard work by children, staff and the whole school community. I am pleased that Prestbury CE Primary School was graded as Outstanding in all areas in the most recent Inspection report (SIAMS). The report highlights, ‘An outstanding commitment to the development and well-being of every pupl underpins the school’s work and is rooted in Christian love.’ The report says, ‘The school knows it pupils and their families extremely well and meets individual needs through a culture of Christian nurturing and caring. ’I am so pleased that the report captures our school, our values and our care for those within our community and beyond. We are thankful to God that our values can be celebrated, lifted high and have such a positive impact on the children and families in our care. 

The report reflects the contribution that all make in leading our school to be a special place. A copy of the report may be found in the School Information section > Ofsted/SIAMS



David J Capener

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